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RedBoard is a revolutionary technology that lets you accurately plan and manage 3D animation productions. It allows you to seamlessly transfer scene and camera data from the storyboard stage directly into your 3D workflow. By improving communication and efficiency, RedBoard increases confidence for directors and producers, while reducing costs and minimising errors.


RedBoard is available now as a complete service package, including software licenses, installation, training and support. Licenses will run for the period of the production and costs will be calculated based on the budget of the production. Licenses are per production with each production allowed unlimited installs.

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RedBoard allows storyboarders to explore the set in real time, letting them know which shots are possible and provide scale information for the characters, props and vehicles.

final render


RedBoard ensures that when a shot is approved by the director at the storyboard stage, it will closely match the shot at the final render stage.



RedBoard provides a detailed breakdown for every episode including image thumbnails, shot name, shot duration, lens used, character distribution, prop population and much more.

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layout artists

RedBoard eliminates guesswork and reduces the tedious work for the digital layout artists whilst enabling them to create digital layout that matches closer to the director's vision.



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some of our happy customers

Bob the Builder

"[RedBoard] helped me to make Bob the show I always wanted it to be".

Stuart Evans - Director Bob the Builder

The Hive

"We were blown away by how useful it was to see actual models and characters in situ at such an early stage of the production".

Camilla Deakin - Producer The Hive

Fireman Sam

"RedBoard made working on Fireman Sam very straight forwards; communicating with the sub-contracting [animation] studio in China was so much easier."

Gary Andrews - Director Fireman Sam


RedBoard can reduce production costs by around 10% on a typical 52x10” CG series production. For example, for a £3 million TV series, RedBoard can save you around £275,000 across the whole production.

However, we realise that every production is different. That is why, backed by our unique technology, we offer a comprehensive pre-production consultancy and support service, including detailed cost breakdowns, to help you achieve those savings. For more information about the costs and benefits of RedBoard, please contact us.

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